Superhero long thought deceased, found.


  • Sonic field voice projection, dazzling charisma, ability to convince anyone of anything.
  • Transportation - Modified BMW coup with ability to transform and change colors - go invisable for short periods, traveles at super sonic speeds.
  • Weakness - Sonic feedback, llaryngitis, beautiful German women, candy, his daughters, video games, road biking,Rick Ross, and zamboni drivers.


  • Team affiliation - The Thrilling Three (Now disbanded)
  • Cover story while active: Department of Defense (DOD) Performer. Allowed him to travel around the world in support of the troops while running covert missions mostly in and around the Mediterranean area.
  • Demands too much attention, can be moody
  • Never really embraced by the public
  • Quit Thrilling Three because he saw team as "Gazerbeam's Gang"
  • Discovered power while performing, onstage at theme park (Great America in Ca.)
  • Secret identity - Digital Marketing and data specialist, a modern day mad man for digital advertising.
  • UPDATE: Thought to be deceased no more. Solid evidence of him in and around the Northern California area, specifically Sacramento.